Our team members are our most valuable asset! Be part of an organization that values diversity and promotes personal and professional growth!

Success is not just about achieving our goals, it's about pursuing them with passion and integrity, and knowing that our achievements are a reflection of our character

Rafael Henao

Integrity is a key ingredient for our company!

Gerardo Duarte
Chief Financial Officer

AbiMar Foods is a company where all employee voices are heard

Max Collins
Sales Director

My passion is to create new products and surprise our consumers.

Amalia Cavallo
R&D Director

People are our most valuable asset. I love connecting with people and helping them grow, whether it’s in their career or life in general. We want to ensure that every person feels valued and achieves their full potential at AbiMar Foods.

Cynthia Seward
HR Director

It takes great people to bake delicious cookies

Laura Laguna
Brand & Business Development Manager

It's great working with a passionate group that wants everyone to share in the success while making great tasting food!

Kyle Whitacre
Head of Sales B2C

You Must Be The Change You Wish To See In The World

Natalia Granada
Director of Procurement

Every day ends with a sense of progress. Crafting Moments of Delight, One Cookie at a Time.

Paulo Silva
Director of Operations

Challenging but rewarding work. Growth potential for anyone looking for a career

Stephen Brown
Manufacturing General Mgr
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Brandy Thompson
Quality Control

Hello! My name is Brandy Thompson, and I am the Quality Control Manager at Abimar Foods. I am also a proud Mother, Grandmother, and Dog Mom. I love my company as well as what I do. After years of working different types of jobs, from Medical coding to Welding, I came to Abimar and found a passion for Quality and Food Safety. Being responsible for our customer’s safety as they consume our product and their enjoyment of our delicious cookies and crackers means the world to me. Knowing that I have a team of people surrounding me who feel the same makes me proud to be a part of Abimar Foods.

Arriving at this amazing time in my life has been quite the journey, however. At a young age I started to make some pretty bad decisions that would later end up robbing me of years of my life as well as giving me a not so clean record. When I came to Abimar in 2017, I had straightened my life out, but I felt that I had made too many mistakes to ever be able to really make something of myself.

I started out working at our South Plant, packing cartons of crackers into boxes. I worked hard, learning as much as I could, and a month later moved to the Quality Control Department where I fell in love with Quality. Soon after that I became the Lead QC Tech, and was able to soak up even more knowledge from my amazing boss. A few years later I became a Quality Assurance Tech, learning SQF Codes, Company Policies, and how to audit the plant.

A little over a year ago Abimar gave me the awesome opportunity to become the Quality Control Manager. They could have hired someone outside the company for the job, someone with a degree in this field, someone who didn’t have my past or my record. They chose me because of my hard work and dedication, and for that reason, I will retire with this company. Since my promotion they have also given me the opportunity to become SQF and HACCP certified, a dream of mine that they helped to make come true. One of the things I love the most about Abimar is that we are like family. As you can see from my story, we appreciate hard work, punctuality, taking initiative, and love to promote from within.

If you are interested in working for a growing company where hard work and dedication will give you the opportunity to advance in not only the workplace but your life in general,, come on over to the Abimar Family! We always take care of our own! Be Blessed and thanks for listening to my story!

Erasmo Rodriguez
Mixing Supervisor

I have been working with AbiMar Foods for 4 years. I started as a case stacker, and due to my hard work and dedication, as well as the support of my supervisor, I have been able to grow within the company.

I wasn’t afraid to embrace growth, which is why I love working here. This company believes in second chances, and I am a testament to that belief as I received one myself. Since my first day, I was informed that I would be evaluated based on my performance rather than my past.

This mindset holds great significance for me because it’s never too late to change your life. We have a diverse range of cultures, and I enjoy saying good morning in at least 4 different languages every day. AbiMar is a company that genuinely values employee training and treatment, something that’s often hard to come by these days. We truly care about the quality of our products. I make it a point to encourage my team daily to give their 100%, and I ensure they know that numerous opportunities for growth are available here

Fidel Nyandwi
Machine Operator

I am from Africa; I came to the USA for a better life. I was a refugee back in Africa. I met my wife here in the USA, and now we have 4 kids (2 boys and 2 girls). I work at AbiMar Foods, and I have been here for 11 years. I love working here because it’s a great place to work. I started as a production worker LVL 1, and now I am a machine operator. I am very pleased with my job because it has given me the opportunity to have better living conditions in this country. We have just bought our home