About Us

“AbiMar Foods, Inc. was established in Abilene, Texas in February 1992 and was previously known as Fehr Foods, Inc.
In October 2010, the company was acquired by Grupo Nutresa (www.gruponutresa.com) one of the largest food groups in South America. Since then, we have continued to work under the premises and objectives that the company was founded upon.

Our commitment to providing a wide variety of bakery products reflects our dedication to meeting the ever-changing demands of our customers wile working with passion to achieve our goals acting with integrity”

Certified Quality

Our Compliance and Commitment:

Our regulatory compliance programs are designed to support, guide, and ensure that our employees are following all applicable laws and regulations. They emphasize conduct that supports our commitment to making delicious cookies and crackers with integrity and passion.

We have dedicated Quality team members whose main goals are to implement our regulatory compliance programs and educate all employees on those programs. Our Quality team members ensure that our employees know what is expected of them, how to meet our regulatory requirements, and support training to maintain compliance.

Our regulatory compliance programs include:

International Presence

AbiMar Foods is a subsidiary of Grupo Nutresa’s Biscuit business, with 3 production platforms located in Colombia, Costa Rica and USA. With global presence across 5 continents and distribution reaching over 56 countries, solidifying its status as a major player in the biscuit industry.

Grupo Nutresa is an integrated and diversified group of food companies that operates in Colombia, Latin America and USA through eight business units: Cold Cuts, Cookies, Chocolates, Coffee, Tresmontes Lucchetti (TMLUC), Retail Food, Ice Cream, Pasta and others.

We let passion fuel our motivation, achievement guide our goals, and integrity be our compass.